Charter Fishing in Marco Island, FL

About our offshore charters

Off shore fishing from Marco Island is absolutely amazing. With so many artificial reefs Collier County has put into place, many so close to shore off shore fishing from Marco Island is the best in the country. As well, being close to the estuaries of the 10,000 islands many backwater species can be found on these reefs such as Tarpon, Red Fish and Snook. Goliath groupers are some of the more prevalent fish on these reefs. They can grow up to 6 feet long and weight 800 pounds, and it is quite a feat to get them to the surface. Other species of groupers such as reds, blacks and gags are also very common on the sites. Sheepshead, and Snapper are some of the other fish that we like to target while off shore fishing. Sharks are not as common as other places in Florida but we do see you quite a lot while fishing. A maximum of six guests are allowed on this charter.

Depending on the weather and duration of your trip, will determine how far we will go off shore. Half-day charters we normally do not pass the 9 mile mark. On the three-quarter day charter we will go a little farther to 15 to 20 miles. On a Full day charter we go out as far as 30 miles. Our captains have been fishing offshore here for over 20 years and have many amazing spots to make the most of your day fishing.

For parties larger than 6 guests, or for multiple boats Please call to make a reservation.

1/2 Day

$ 500
Departs - 8 AM & 1 PMTour length - 4 hours Ice and sunscreen provided

3/4 Day

$ 750
Departs - 8 AMTour length - 6 hours Ice and sunscreen provided

Full Day

$ 950
Departs - 8 AMTour length -8 hours Ice and sunscreen provided